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All Energy Day in short

The All Energy Day 2020 is an interdisciplinary knowledge event dedicated to all forms of sustainable energy. Students, young professionals and companies with different backgrounds join together to take on the challenges facing the energy transition.

14th of May


The day will take place on the 14th of May, location t.b.a. To learn more about the provisional programme, or see the directions, click the button below for the previous edition!



Participating students


Participating companies

Our vision

The All Energy Day wants to accelerate the energy transition by inspiring students to get involved in the energy world of today and the future.

We host:

Inspiring keynote

The keynote last year was hold by none other than Chad Frischmann, Vice President of Project Drawdown. His keynote focussed on how we can achieve Drawdown, the point in time where greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere begin to decline.

Start-up pitch competition

Revolutionary ideas are essential for the energy future we are facing. At the All Energy Day 2020 we give innovative start-ups the opportunity to inspire the new generation and win a prize!


Workshops connect students to companies, which together will face the sustainability challenges of the future in interactive sessions hosted by a company!

College tour

Sandor Gaastra (Director General Energy) and Chris Kuijpers (Director General Spatial Planning) answered questions from students regarding sustainability and the energy transition!

Expert recruitment sessions

This session is aimed at master students and will allow them to talk to companies personally in rotating sessions of 20 minutes each.

Show floor

This interactive show floor allows companies to display what they do and engage students. Each company will have their own stand and can bring their gadgets, flyers and visuals.

About Us

We are a non-profit organisation operating in close collaboration with the TU Delft. Our annual board consists of 7 motivated students. This year will be the eighth edition of the All Energy Day.