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These are the partners of the All Energy Day, who will help us turn this edition into a great success. They will provide inspring workshops and interactive stands on the show floor. To learn more about the participating companies, click the learn more box under their logo.

What does Alliander?
As a major Dutch grid operator, we supply millions of customers with electricity and gas every day. We offer an energy supply that gives everyone access to reliable, affordable and
renewable energy under the same conditions. Now and in the future. We use the latest technology and IT to monitor energy flows across our networks and to help our customers
switch to sustainable forms of energy.
What can you do?
At Alliander you choose your own challenge. You can, for example, help firms to save energy smartly or do research into the impact of intelligent networks in a residential area. You can also examine how you link sensors to an existing energy network or you will manage a group of technicians or technicians. Because the energy landscape is in full development, your options are endless.
In our journey towards a sustainable future, we like to take the initiative. And we expect the same of you as a trainee. Regardless of whether you opt for our technical, financial, IT or
management traineeship, we’ll challenge you to come up with innovative ideas. If you’re interested in investing in a bright and promising future, we’ll invest in you.
So go to www.werkenbij.alliander.com and discover what lies ahead.


Active in more than 40 countries

Around 11,000 employees

Approx. 34 GW generating capacity


We are a global energy company that generates, trades, and markets energy on a large scale. We also procure, store, transport, and supply commodities such as natural gas, LNG, and coal as well as energy-related products.


Uniper Benelux produces electricity, heat, steam and Untility services in the Netherlands. Our power stations contribute to the security of supply in the Netherlands. In addition, we provide support services that help balance the high-voltage grid. For more than 10 years we have been working closely together with the surrounding industry in Rotterdam to exchange residual materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. In an increasingly complex world, we help intricate systems function, adapt and evolve so they can benefit communities and society – whether they are capital markets, tax systems or the economic systems within which business and society exist. We help our clients to make informed decisions and operate effectively within them.

Release your superpowers at Vattenfall! Vattenfall is a leading European energy company with approximately 20,000 employees. For more than 100 years we have powered industries, supplied energy to people’s homes and modernised the way our customers live through innovation and cooperation. We now want to fossil free living possible within one generation.Therefore, we are driving the transition to a more sustainable energy system through growth in renewable production and climate smart energy solutions for our customers. Our innovations can help our customers to be more energy efficient and adopt smarter technologies to create their own electricity or heating and switch to cleaner alternatives that are affordable and easy to use.
To fulfil our purpose in becoming fossil free within one generation, we are putting our focus on renewable sources. We are a market leader in both onshore and offshore wind, with around 50 wind farms in operation across five countries. But that’s not all we do! We are accelerating the transition to electric cars with our InCharge network and designing new ways for properties to produce their own renewable energy though decentralised energy solutions. Learn more about our Hybrid Renewable Park with solar, battery and wind energy mix and our other activities during the All Energy Day!

At Vattenfall, we know that the future of energy will be shaped by the bright minds of tomorrow. That’s why we value our close collaborations with students, graduates and young talents from across the globe. We’re always looking for new talent to join us on our journey towards a fossil-free future.

An internship at Vattenfall will give you the chance to gain
invaluable work experience in a relevant discipline as well as applying your knowledge in a practical setting. All we ask from you is to use your superpowers and share your energy to help us achieve our goal. Our talented employees will help you grow your superpowers and lead you to develop within Vattenfall through guidance and mentoring, formal training and tailored responsibilities. Our exiting international trainee programme offers about 30 trainee positions divided over different locations in the Vattenfall countries. Application process starts in December/January, the programme runs for twelve months and starts in September. Each trainee position is linked to a department within a business area and a location. Therefore, each position has its own specific responsibilities and challenges.   

At Vattenfall you get to apply your superpowers in solving truly meaningful challenges in a dynamic environment that never ceases to offer new opportunities for learning and growth. You get to meet a supportive and inclusive team of highly skilled professionals all working towards the common goal of powering climate smarter living. Working for an important cause shouldn’t mean draining your energy supplies, we believe your superpowers work best well-charged!

The Nationale Postcode Loterij is the biggest charity lottery in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1989 by Novamedia, a marketing agency that sets up and runs charity lotteries. Fifty percent of the proceeds of this lottery are donated amongst 81 charities, which, in 2010 amounted to over 270 million euros. For the All Energy Day the Nationale Postcode Loterij is sponsoring the price of our Pitch Competition!

Working together to create an environment filled with new energy.

Stedin is the grid operator of most of the Randstad area, which includes the cities The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam, the Rijnmond port area and the Botlek industrial area. Stedin also manages energy infrastructures in the regions Kennemerland, Amstelland and north-east Friesland. We transport energy 24/7 while we are in the middle of the energy transition. These and other smaller challenges are tackled together with our stakeholders. Alongside municipalities, industries, hospitals and the enormous Rotterdam Port, we are developing a sustainable energy system that will be reliable and affordable in the long term. We are constantly working in order to find the most efficient and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges with regard to the energy transition. Together we will develop a sustainable energy system that we can pass on from generation to generation. So, as we say in The Netherlands: ‘Genoeg te Doen’. Are you in?


At Stedin, there is ‘Genoeg te Doen’! Whether you are looking for an internship, a traineeship or a graduate position. With our traineeship ‘Toekomstmakers’, we focus on the exciting world of new energy. During this two-year talent program you will be working on different projects to get a good overview of the energy transition. The next group of trainees start in September 2020.  Are you in? Check our vacancies at: http://werkenbijstedin.net and link with us on magnet.me!



Working with an ambitious group of people in an innovative surrounding on small, big and very big projects that really matter. Projects which improve the safety, quality of life, and the accessibility of the Netherlands. A dynamic process in which multiple parties have a vote, and which ensures the room to develop personally and substantially. This is Rijkswaterstaat.

With over 700 consultants, Navigant – Guidehouse’s global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment is the largest in the industry. We collaborate with and serve as trusted advisors to utilities and energy companies, large corporations, investors, NGOs, and the public sector to help them thrive in the rapidly changing energy, resources, and infrastructure environment. Our highly skilled professionals form exceptional teams to help our clients transform their businesses, manage complexity and change, accelerate operational performance, manage critical programs, manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and improve operations and systems to address today’s most complex issues. We lead through our insights and excel at strategy, transformation, and implementation, creating more sustainable and resilient countries, governments, companies, cities, and infrastructure.


Over the next 5-10 years, linear value chains supporting one-way power flow from centralized generation to end customers will give way to a more sustainable, highly digitized, and dynamic energy system. At Guidehouse, we call this the Energy Cloud.

Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (Central Government Real Estate Agency) The Central Government Real Estate Agency works for and on behalf of the Dutch State. We are responsible for managing and maintaining the largest and most diverse property portfolio in the Netherlands. Our portfolio includes prisons, court buildings, military barracks, airports, defence sites, ministerial offices, ports, tax offices, listed buildings and historical monuments, museums and palaces. We make these buildings and sites available in order to meet the property needs of central government. Our expert staff develop our strategy and policy and supervise the management and maintenance, purchase and sale, construction, remodelling and renovation, and development and redevelopment of properties in our portfolio. We deploy and care for our buildings to help realize governmental goals. Our real estate expertise enables us to offer governmental agencies an inspiring and safe working environment. Our portfolio consists of 12.3 million square meters of buildings and 90 thousand hectares of land. This is comparable to 100,000 family houses (approximately 25% of the total number of houses in the city of Amsterdam) and the surface of 135,000 soccer fields. We provide land for wind parks, agriculture and motorway service stations. As a large-scale client for the construction and real estate markets, we work closely together with a wide range of public and private concerns. We are extremely aware of our social responsibility and firmly believe in the “three Ps” – People, Planet and Profit. You are welcome to contact us or visit our website at https://english.rijksvastgoedbedrijf.nl/

To curb climate change the society is changing to a more sustainable energy environment. Common energy sources like coal, oil and gas are being replaced with renewable energy like hydro, wind and solar driven sources. An energy transition that will rapidly take place and will be touched by every one of us. Northpool as an energy trading company active on the Western European markets will be at the heart of this change. With extensive knowledge about the weather and the energy markets are we part of this very dynamic market.

TenneT is Europe’s first cross-border grid operator for electricity. With over 23,000 kilometers of (extra) high-voltage lines and 41 million end-users in the Netherlands and Germany, we rank among the top five grid operators in Europe. Our focus is to develop a North-West European energy market, to integrate renewable energy, and to optimize our safety performance. We employ approximately 4,000 people, have a turnover of EUR 3.9 billion and an asset value totalling EUR 20 billion. We take every effort to meet the needs of society by being responsible, engaged and connected. Taking power further.


Innovation of systems, services and technology is critical to enable TenneT to deal with the challenges in the energy market. For us, innovation is about successfully utilizing new ideas to create value for TenneT and society.
We are looking for you!
Are you eager to work at the leading edge of the European energy sector? TenneT is looking for enthusiastic professionals who wish to push back frontiers and broaden their horizons.
At TenneT, you do not do any ordinary job. Your engagement counts and you actively shape the energy transition. For these tasks we are looking for reinforcement in the following areas: Electrical / Power Engineering – Project Management – IT – Data.
TenneT wants to be an employer of choice, creating one of the best places to work in the European energy sector. Committed and dedicated people are key to our continued success and growth. To fulfil our mission and commitment to society, we empower our people to perform, connecting their personal ambitions to our strategic goals. In return, we create a safe, healthy, stimulating and energizing place to work.
For more information about a career within TenneT, please visit: werkenbijtennet.nl or karriere.tennet.eu


Lagerwey is a Dutch designer and manufacturer of direct drive wind turbines. Lagerwey stands for quality and simplicity and aims to further reduce the cost of wind energy. The company has been delivering sustainable wind energy since 1979.

At the end of 2017 ENERCON acquired Lagerwey. Becoming part of the ENERCON organization and ENERCONs strong market position means that the Lagerwey technology can be leveraged.


ENERCON is a leading international wind turbine manufacturer based in Aurich, Germany. The company was founded in 1984 by Dr Aloys Wobben and operates in more than 30 countries. As technology and quality leader, ENERCON is known for its innovative gearless drive concept and for having the most extensive patent portfolio in the industry. ENERCON has installed over 28,000 wind energy converters to date, with a combined power generation capacity of more than 47 gigawatts. 

We have formed a strategical partnership, with a strong focus on further developing turbines of the EP5 platform and the innovative Climbing crane.

Do you immediately link your neighbor’s new electric car to falling oil prices? Does stormy weather make your brain work faster? Are you a graduate of Econometrics, Finance, Economics or a related discipline?

Priogen is a 24/7 business operation focusses on optimizing power generation through trading and sourcing renewables. In a highly complex energy market, our in-depth scientific approach to price forecasting enables us to distill the exact information needed to make fact-based, future proof and profitable business decisions.

In order to enable the energy transition we provide financial security to renewable energy producers by signing PPA’s (power purchase agreements) and therefore we care for the wellbeing of existing producers and develop more renewable capacity. To be able to provide these services superior understanding of the weather and energy markets is needed.

What’s in it for you? We’re not offering you just a job, we offer you a career. If you’re ambitious and hungry to learn, take the opportunity to grow and flourish in our company’s professional playground. Our training program allows you to experience different aspects of Energy Trading and peruse the career direction that energises you. We are a young, smart, fun team of resilient innovators that care about our community and want to sustainably excel in enabling the energy revolution! Excited to join our Amsterdam office, apply now:
Royal Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company. We operate a global network of terminals located at strategic locations along major trade routes. With a history of over 400 years, and a strong focus on sustainability, we ensure safe, efficient and clean storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers. We enable the delivery of vital products ranging from oil, chemicals, gases and LNG to biofuels and vegoils. Vopak is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange and is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Including our joint ventures and associates, we employ an international workforce of over 5,700 people.

Municipality The Hague | ImpactCity

With ImpactCity the municipality of The Hague provides support to impact entrepreneurs who work on innovations for a better world. Impact makers will find an extensive network of stakeholders committed to the Sustainable Development Goals related to renewable energy, sustainability, food, water and humanitarian innovation.


As ImpactCity we open doors to investors, a business network, inspiring company locations as Apollo 14, international trade missions and competitions such as Startup in Residence and the Hague Innovators Challenge. The Hague Innovators Challenge is a yearly challenge where the municipality of the Hague asks students, startups and scale-ups to present innovative ideas for global issues. Winners of the challenge receive a cash prize with which they can finance het development of their first pilot or prototype.

 With a long history and a strong position in the energy sector, The

Hague is home to many high-profile energy companies. These companies realise they need new business models and new techniques to prepare themselves for a low carbon future. New ideas from students, startups and scaleups are needed to enhance the energy transition, disrupt the market and speed things up! We invite you to bring your ideas in to practice in The Hague.

Magnus Red is a consultancy firm that’s specialised in large and complex project management and change management projects. The strength of Magnus Red lies in the ability to understand the strategy of our clients and to translate this into operations – via processes, organisation, technology and people.

Our Energy Team consists of around 25 people with different backgrounds that manage projects for Transmission System Operators and Power Exchanges. We support them by translating legislation related to the energy transition into concrete implementation plans. These complex projects are characterised by the fact that they are international, multi-party and taking place in a political context. Our role as Project Management Office is to enable the various parties to cooperate within the project by defining the approach and roadmap, allocating the work and monitoring the progress. This all happens in a highly political context.

These projects contribute to the energy transition as they are directly linked to legislation that strives for more cross-border exchanges of electricity. This enables the integration of more renewables, improves social welfare and enhances the security of supply.

We are on the lookout for people with a passion for project management, enjoy a challenge and are personally driven to getting things done. Does this sound like you? Meet us at the AED 2019!