Below you can see the time schedule for the All Energy Day.



The workshops offer possibilities to get in touch with the participating students and young professionals. Cooperate with the corporate partners and think about the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Roundtable Sessions

Who needs to take the lead in the energy transition? What do we do with old gas pipes. How do we transform old houses into sustainable homes? What will be the technologies that are most crucial to the changes in society? Let your voice be heard!

Sector Debate

Various parties from different corporate sectors and politicians will share their insights concerning the energy transition. Students get the opportunity to discuss the current state of affairs with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Exhibition Floor

An important aspect of the All Energy Day is bringing various parties together. The exhibition floor is the perfect arrangement for the participants and partners to meet each other. Innovative companies, startups and student dreamteams will share their sustainable ideas. Get acquainted with them and get inspired!

Pitch Competition

The energy transition is greatly supported by startups that challenge the status quo. At the All Energy Day they are given a platform, so they have the opportunity to energize and inspire a new generation of students.