Sector Debate

During this debate the focus will be on the sustainability of the built environment in the Netherlands. How can we ensure that everyone in the Netherlands can live and work in a sustainable way in 2050? And how will this be financed this? Which investments have to be made and who will pay them? Currently 98% of the Dutch are still connected to the gas network. However, gas extraction in Groningen must be come to a halt within 12 years. What will replace gas in the Netherlands? On the All Energy Day various companies / authorities will discuss these issues.

Jos Blom has a long history in the energy world and is particularly interested in the newest developments. In the last three years he has been working as a Consultant Smart Grids at Alliander. Under his creative approach, various innovations have been started, such as innovations in grid losses with a special focus on fraud detection on (among others) smart meters.

Sungevity wants to contribute to a new standard: solar panels on all roofs. That people will have to explain themselves why they do not produce solar power. For this to happen it will be necessary to achieve large-scale implementations. Clean energy from the sun must be accessible to everyone.

For 3 months Jan has been chairman of KEK, Klimaat Energie Koepel (Climate and Energy Think tank). KEK is an umbrella organization of young professionals and youth organizations working on climate and energy issues. KEK is a cross-sectoral network. Members work in the electricity, agriculture, mobility, construction and industry sectors. People who work on themes crucial to system renewal within the energy transition, such as finance and education, are also welcome. With KEK we supply input to the Climate Agreement. We form a think tank for new perspectives and we form the connection between the new Climate Agreement and our generation.

Jan van der Doelen has been working for ING for 35 years, of which the last 15 years in the Construction & Real Estate sector. At the moment he represents ING Nederland Groot Zakelijk as Sector Banker in the Construction & Real Estate sector. An important part of Jan's job is to collect and disseminate sector knowledge in order to apply it directly and indirectly in banking practice, to help entrepreneurs in the sector and to translate sector trends into workable applications.