E-MERGE powered by Antea Group, Bilfinger Tebodin en Witteveen+Bos

E-MERGE. A collaboration of three renowned Engineering firms, Antea Group, Bilfinger Tebodin and Witteveen+Bos. Specifically formed to integrate expertise and experience on electricity networks. In order to meet the major challenges in the field of electricity supply together with TenneT, E-MERGE has set up an integrated organization for this partnership for at least eight years, with employees who primarily work on TenneT’s major challenges. The objective is to strengthen the entire sector and support the energy transition through collaboration, knowledge sharing, innovation and talent development.


The Netherlands is electrifying in a rapid pace. We want to, and need to. But our powergrid is overloaded. Designed in the 60-s, it reaches its maximum capacity of today, let alone be ready for the next decades. TenneT manages the high voltage grid in the Netherlands and transports electricity over more than 24.000km’s of high voltage connections. All of this needs to be updated, and fast. Investing bilions of euro’s in the grid, the bottle necks of today are lurking around the corner.; lack of engineers, limited knowledge and specialists, scarcity of materials… Not to mention participation, ‘nimby’ and the battle for each square metre that make spatial procedures intense and complex. These are the challenges the engineers of today and tomorrow will need to find clever solutions for. That means you!

Our case combines these challenges in a project, E-MERGE in fact stands for today: expand the Grid (new lines in the air, new cables underneath the ground, a new high voltlage plant) in less than half the time it usually takes. You will work in groups, analysing and planning the project, while keeping a birds eye view on all the touching points and interfaces these kind of projects have in its environment. Will you help us?