Eneco Energy Trade is Eneco’s international trade department. Energy Trade consists of four divisions: Trading, Asset & Portfolio Management, structuring & origination, new business development and Operations & IT Management. Working at Eneco means working for a sustainable company with a strong ambition and vision for the future.

• Trading: trading energy in a constantly changing volatile market; • Portfolio Management: balancing Eneco’s portfolios of gas, electricity and certificates from our assets and for our customers, using quantitative models;

• Forecasting: forecasting prices, demand and renewable energy production using quantitative models;

• Structuring: negotiating non-standard large energy contracts, such as Power Purchase Agreements with wind farms or gas sourcing contracts with gas suppliers;

• Operations: modelling and implementing new assets and contracts; moreover, improving the operational structure in our organization.


At Eneco Energy Trade (EET), a key aspect of our work includes adapting to ever-changing market circumstances. Surging gas prices, unexpected weather events and changing government policy ensure that no day at EET is the same. Although volatile markets can be extremely challenging, they also present an opportunity for EET to act fast and be ahead of the game.During the workshop, we will present you with a real problem EET will face in the future. Can you think of a solution to help us? Together in teams, we will ask you to develop a proposal which EET can implement to capitalise on this situation. Expect a pressure-cooker session during which you will quickly grasp the ins and outs of the energy markets. Which team will come up with the winning proposal? See you there!