Who are we: “Strategic Consultancy company that focusses on bringing parties together”

We are a Strategic Consultancy company that works on complex financial and strategic challenges in the energy transition of the built environment. Our main focus is bringing stakeholders together and accelerating projects.  

Our goal: “100% sustainable built environment in 2050”

We feel the urge to have a significant contribution to a future proof energy system in the Netherlands by 2050. We believe that accelerating the energy transition in the built environment is important to reach the climate goals. 

What do we do: “Structure and connect”

Fakton Energy makes the Energy transition tangible by structuring business cases and governance models. We connect parties to realize financeable projects and robust cooperations.  



Dealmaking is an important part of our job at Fakton Energy:

Dealmaking in the market of (collective) heating systems is a challenging but enjoyable part of the business we do at Fakton Energy. In dealmaking processes we are the independent intermediary that creates a basis of trust and understanding between different stakeholders who are usually not active in the same sector and thus have trouble finding a mutual ‘language’. We help to create this shared language and mutual understanding for the process to succeed. Currently we support the dealmaking processes in different municipalities in the Netherlands for example in Rotterdam, Sneek, Venlo and Westland. 

The case: Make a deal for connecting houses to a district heating network.

In the case we organize, we would like to give you a sneak peek into what it takes to close a deal in the heating market. We will distribute the group of students in two different groups, both groups are consultants asked to support two different companies and help them in the dealmaking process:

1.        Half of the groups will represent a heating company. 

2.        The other half of the groups represents a housing corporation.

After a preparation in which both groups will study two different (already prepped) Excel models and a set of guidelines and boundary conditions of their companies, the groups will start negotiating to close the deal! What will be the most profitable tactics? Cooperation or personal gain?