Groendus is the go-to renewable energy partner for business in the Netherlands. With 160 Groendus employees, we work every day to achieve our mission: clean and affordable energy for everyone. There are already more than 350 Groendus solar plants in the Netherlands. We install smart meters, charging stations and batteries. With insight, monitoring and innovative energy control, we help companies save energy and use it smartly. Moreover, on the Groendus Energy Marketplace, we facilitate a sustainable energy market where generators and consumers trade green power directly, without the intervention of a traditional energy company. In this way, together with over 5,000 customers, we are building a future-proof energy system in which sustainable generation and consumption are in balance.


“The road to 100% renewable energy”

Businesses are increasingly motivated to transition their energy usage to 100% renewable. However, the road to 100% renewable energy is full of challenges. The production of wind and solar power varies depending on weather conditions. On top of this the demand for energy fluctuates and the existing electricity grid is pushed to its limits. This case study will develop a customer roadmap towards 100% renewable energy. You will be challenged to think out of the box and tackle real-life issues with proven and innovative solutions.