InnovationQuarter invests patient capital in disruptive startups & scale-ups with a high technological risk and a long payback period. With a total capital of €300 million, we invest from 4 funds: IQCapital, UNIIQ, ENERGIIQ and Energietransitiefonds-Rotterdam. We have a large (inter)national network of over 250 co-investors to whom we can introduce our portfolio companies. InnovationQuarter has grown into one of the most active investors in the Netherlands and by far the most active in Zuid-Holland.


Realizing impact in the energy transition is the challenge of our era. At InnovationQuarter we support and nurture the disruptive ideas leading to innovations that will shape the future. Although ideas are never scarce, the right execution and support for these ideas is the key to the energy and material revolution that our world needs badly. Are you ready to step into the shoes of a Venture Capital investor and materialize innovation through investments? You have probably seen Dragon’s Den or SharkTank on tv, so come along and feel like dragons and sharks in our workshop! We will show you how we asses start-ups, set up investment deals and guide entrepreneurs to growing ideas into impact. If you desire to be a successful entrepreneur, knowing what investors look for is essential in attracting the financial support to grow your business. In the end you will understand what Venture Capital is all about and you will be able to determine what start-up can disrupt the status quo.