Joulz is a leading owner and provider of essential energy infrastructure equipment and services in the Netherlands. It leases essential energy infrastructure equipment to a large and diversified customer base of industrial, commercial and public sector customers. It has four business units: Infrastructure Services, Charging Solutions, Solar, and Metering.

The Infrastructure Services business owns and leases medium voltage electricity infrastructure such as transformers, switchgear and cables under long-term contracts. Charging Solutions is a Charge Point Operator. The Solar unit focusses on industrial and commercial and other large property roofs for solar plants. The Metering business owns and leases approximately 50,000 electricity and gas meters for non-household customers under medium term contracts.


The Netherlands has one of the most robust power grids in the world. Right? But the current speed of energy transition is actually overstretching the capabilities of this grid. While we are turning away from chemical energy carriers into electric power, we are also changing from centralized energy production towards decentralized production. These two movements, combined with the speed of transition, makes for a perfect storm for grid operators. What happens? Many property developers are getting a firm “NO” when they request a new grid connection. And developments are stopped or postponed.

That’s why, In 2021 Joulz successfully launched Joulz Virtual Grid: an autonomous power solution. Just as robust as electricity from the grid, but without actual power from the grid. 

Our solution: In a microgrid we combine solar roofs with batteries to provide a robust base load. However, during the winter this is not sufficient. Therefore, during the winter, we are adding power generated by gas turbines. As back-up we have batteries and diesel generators. This leads to a robust system with 99.99% reliability. And for happy customers, that can actually start operation instead of waiting for the grid to come. 

However, we are not satisfied. We want to get rid of all fossil fuels and are looking for another winter time source of energy. Can you help Joulz solve this problem? In this workshop we will use the methodology of ‘flip-thinking’ to tackle this tough problem. With an interdisciplinary team of students we will gain new perspectives. We are looking forward to flip-think with you!