Klimaatfonds Nederland (Climate Fund Netherlands) is a Dutch investment fund which invests in, builds, and operates renewable energy projects. Established in 2018, and with the initial focus of realizing ground mounted solar parks, Klimaatfonds Nederland already created an operational portfolio of over 10 solar parks to date (total capacity 120MWp). Next to this operational portfolio they have a pipeline of 400+ MWp of renewable energy projects to be realised in the near future. 

Klimaatfonds Nederland is a fast-growing company and they planned to broaden their scope in the next couple of years to other renewable energy technologies, such as battery storage, hydrogen and onshore wind. They have an enthusiastic team of driven and ambitious people who all strive to accelerate the realization rate of renewable energy projects in order to meet the climate goals of the Netherlands.


During the case of Klimaatfonds Nederland you can expect to make a real life investment decision in a combined solar & storage system. Based on information provided about the project you have to make a valuation using a financial model, identify risk and opportunities, and pitch the investment decision you will advise to the investment board.