Magnus Energy is a consultancy firm that specialises in project management for projects in the European electricity market. Our team consists of 35 consultants with different backgrounds that manage projects for TSOs and Power Exchanges. We support with translating legislation into concrete implementation plans. These complex projects are characterised by the fact that they are international, multi-party and taking place in a political context. The projects strive to increase the cross-border exchanges of electricity, which enables the integration of more renewables, improves social welfare and enhances the security of supply. We are on the lookout for people with a passion for project management, enjoy a challenge and are personally driven to getting things done. Does this sound like you? Meet us at the AED 2022!


Magnus Energy has over 12 years of experience in leading European projects for electricity market integration and harmonisation. We work side-by-side with Transmission System Operators and Power Exchanges (i.e., the organisations responsible for the transportation and trading of electricity throughout Europe, respectively), ensuring that the interconnectivity of their grids is improved, and the new European regulations are implemented in a smooth and orderly manner. During our workshop, you will work on one of the projects currently being worked on by our colleagues. Your goal will be to create an ambitious yet realistic project plan, whilst ensuring grid security and keeping the lights on in continental Europe, and considering the needs of involved stakeholders The project at hand focusses on setting up the capacity between several European countries close to real-time, the so-called balancing timeframe. This new capacity calculation process serves as the bridge between the intraday and real-time timeframes. Given the high interdependency of this new process with other processes already under implementation, drafting a detailed project plan is essential to make the implementation of this process a success. You will leave with a better understanding of the project management activities which play a vital role in the realisation of the European energy transition. Sounds interesting? We would love to meet you on the 24th!