N-Sea is an integrated total subsea solutions provider in Survey, IRM & Construction, Subsea Cable Repair & Installation, and UXO ID & Disposal. 

We deliver effective and cost-efficient solutions for subsea infrastructures and assets that meet the needs of the international oil, gas- and renewable industries. We meet our clients by providing effective and cost-efficient solutions for subsea assets and infrastructure, considering a safe environment. 

We have the ambition to be the go-to total subsea solutions provider. We want to create a sustainable business and increase our profitability through solid project management and full client awareness. 

To realise this ambition we develop our organisation to the level of best in class being fully synchronised with our ambition and strategy. 

THE WORKSHOP: Cradle-to-cradle of an entire offshore windfarm

Cradle-to-cradle (C2C) is a way of designing products or processes that work more like natural systems. This design method is intended to replace a make-take-dispose approach which begins with new raw materials mined from the earth and ends with piles of garbage.

C2C is modelled after nature’s long-evolved, low-waste, energy-conserving processes. Just like a tree is born from soil created by other dead trees, grows using local resources, produces fruit or seeds, and then dies, in turn creating food and soil for other organisms (a cycle), human beings can make products that are part of an ongoing circular system. In that way, C2C is sometimes referred to as being biomimetic.