The philosophy behind the All Energy Day

The philosophy of the All Energy Day can be divided into the following pillars: technology, policy, design and entrepreneurship. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach towards the energy transition. During the day we want to do more than just elaborate on these subjects. We want to motivate all participants with their different backgrounds and expertises to work together towards a sustainable energy supply. 


When will wind energy be profitable?
Can airplanes fly on solar power?
Will seawater provide energy for Dutch households?

Big advancements are being made in the whole technology sector. In the field of energy we are also seeing a succession of innovations. However, especially in the field of energy storage and distribution large steps are still to be made. 

A transition can never happen all of a sudden. The energy transition from nonrenewable to renewable energy will have to happen gradually. In order for this to happen clear regulations and policies have to be in place. The policy should facilitate the processes that are needed to reach the goals. 


Does the current European energy policy work?
Is investing in an offshore wind park the right decision?
Should the government subsidize electric cars?


Which start-ups will lead to actual companies?
How to get from a business plan to a healthy and successful company?
What are the best energy related start-ups of this moment?

Without entrepreneurship progress halts, also in the energy industry. Frequently the most unexpected ideas and extraordinary problem approaches come from innovative entrepreneurs who can think out of the box. 

The industry is not the only sector that should change, also on a consumer level changes have to occur. Changes such as: recycling, energy usage and sustainable packaging. The way these changes are implemented in our daily life will be very crucial. Acceptance of the change will determine the success or failure in society. 


How do we make energy producing houses?
Will every city be self sustaining in the future?
Will we be able to charge our cars through the road within 5 years?