Start Up Pitch Competition

At the All Energy Day we like to give young startups a chance to let their voice be heard. This year a selection of four startups was made for the Pitch Battle, in which they will give 7 minute pitches about their green solution. These startups are in the running of receiving price money of €5,000 sponsored by Postcode Loterij Green Challenge! Read more about the inspirational startups below.

A lamp that you do not need to give electricity but water: sounds very strange, but if it is up to the Dutch product designer Ermi van Oers, such a lamp will soon exists. Living Light is a lamp that derives its energy from the process of photosynthesis that takes place in plants. There is not enough light to function as a full-fledged lamp, but as a night lamp or mood light, a Living Light does just fine. And the special thing is: the better you care for the plant / lamp, the more light it will give.

RYSE is a start-up that aims to contribute to the world’s energy needs in a more effective way compared to existing solutions; by suspending wind turbines at higher altitudes to benefit from stable and stronger wind speeds in order to increase power generation. The HAPS, a Hybrid Airborne Power System, uses helium and an aerodynamic shape to achieve lift. Novel nano-materials are incorporated in the design to prevent helium leakage and ensure a strong, durable and lightweight platform that will enable the integration of solar cells as well. This will reduce maintenance and operational costs, and help to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources.

Super is a monthly subscription for sustainable housing technologies that enables homeowners to save on their energy bills without upfront investment. Living sustainable at the touch of a button.

Qlayers adds functions to large surfaces with an automated dyeing process. The high costs of maintenance to offshore wind turbines can largely be attributed to the annual manual application of the coating. By automatically printing state-of-the-art coatings on the surface of wind turbine blades, they can become self-cleaning, self-healing and aerodynamically more efficient. The team of nine passionate technical students and graduates from TU Delft wants to clean up the dangerous and unhealthy paint process of wind turbines as quickly as possible and thus make wind energy cheaper!