New thinking for a cleaner tomorrow!

All PreZero employees have committed themselves to the same idea: Zero waste, 100 percent reusable material. We collect waste and recycle as much as possible. As part of the Schwarz Group, we have unique opportunities to develop new recycling loops, thereby reducing the consumption of natural resources. Since we are backed by one of the largest retailers in the world, we can take the entire value chain into consideration – from production to retail, collection, sorting and recycling to reuse – and develop unprecedented solutions. Every additional gram of CO2 produced is one gram too much. And any waste that is not recycled is a wasted piece of raw material. With this in mind, we continue to improve our processes – from logistics to the handling of waste. We connect economy with ecology.


Morning Workshop:

Sustainability and technology will be increasingly linked in the coming years. This will be particularly apparent in the waste sector. In the past, waste was mainly taken to landfills and at a later stage incineration and energy recovery were used more. In recent years, mechanical recycling has developed more and more, in which robotization is also applied. PreZero has specialized in, among other things, the recycling of wood, chemical waste, plastic and paper. For example, we separate different types of waste and we are able to return various raw materials for further processing. In a market in which raw materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive, we are responding to a future need. As a result, PreZero is changing more and more from a logistics to a technical company. In combination with the technical solutions, data and digitization are becoming increasingly important in the world of sustainability. This gives us the following question: What opportunities do you see for digitization and data in the changing world of sustainable recycling of raw materials? How do we respond to the changing customer needs in this area? How could we apply these possibilities?

Afternoon Workshop:

The world of waste is changing rapidly. This offers opportunities to waste management companies that have had to reconsider their activities. In recent years PreZero has taken a leading role in the so-called ‘resource revolution’. The main focus of PreZero is to retain disposed resources within the economy by means of re-use or recycling. In it’s current Dutch portfolio PreZero has one waste-to-energy plant located in Roosendaal. From waste, this plant produces energy and heat by incineration in order to power 70.000 households and heat nearby greenhouses. With the volume of residual waste expected to decline in the next 20-30 years, the 12 waste-to-energy plants that the Netherlands contain are likely to decrease in number. A forced close of a waste-to-energy plant due to lack of supply equals an undesired loss of income and capital expenses. As a result, no waste management company wants to close their waste-to-energy plant. For that reason PreZero is exploring the possibilities to create more value from the plant in Roosendaal and thus have an advantage over the other waste-to-energy plants in the Netherlands. This leads to the following case: What will the demands of the Netherlands in terms of waste, energy and mobility be in 20 years and how can PreZero adapt its waste-to-energy plant in Roosendaal to meet these changed demands and create additional value than merely from incinerating waste?