Over 2.3 million customers are counting on us. Day in, day out. Stedin Group ensures that they have the energy they need all year round. We are proud that our grids are among the most reliable in the world. In today’s world, energy has become an indispensable commodity, and one that we take for granted. We use energy in everything we do, using more and more with every day that passes. At home, on the road, and at work.


Stedin, a regional DSO, is taking proactive measures to expand the electricity grid and support the energy transition. This involves placing new cables and building additional transformer capacity. As a result of the energy transition, end users are increasingly adopting sustainable practices. The construction sector, for example, is transforming towards more climate-neutral ways of working. In the years ahead, we can expect to see more construction projects being built with zero-emission construction vehicles. This is a crucial development, especially in light of the recent nitrogen crisis in the Netherlands.


In this workshop, we will explore how Stedin can adapt to these new developments in the construction sector. One major challenge is the high demand for power from the grid during the construction period, when these vehicles require a temporary power source before the energy infrastructure of the construction project is installed. Additionally, it’s important to consider the remaining capacity on the network and prevent grid congestion. We will discuss these issues and gain insight into how Stedin can effectively manage this challenge as a network operator.