About Us

The All Energy Day is organized by a board of seven students at the TU Delft. These students are responsible for the day and all of the preparations. The event is an initiative of the sustainable student employment agency GreenBlue and TU Delft.

Meet the Team

Simon Schmoutziguer


Merlijn Groot


Hilde Huismans


Rogier Buck

External Affairs

Willemijn van Zijl

External Affairs

Kasper IJzermans


Tessa Hillen

Design & Promotion

GreenBlue is the first sustainable student employment agency of the Netherlands! GreenBlue delivers flexible high-educated students for last-minute jobs, a permanent position or a single assignment. GreenBlue is new, young and has its own vision. GreenBlue compensates all CO2 that is emitted by our employees and invests in a sustainable future by contribution to sustainable energy research at the TU Delft.

Delft University of Technology is not only the oldest, but also the largest technical university of the Netherlands: a university that is always looking for (inter)national talent to keep the research and education on the highest level. The TU Delft works together with many other education- and research institutes, on domestic and international level. Furthermore it is known for the high standard of research and education.