Decarbonization is our focus

All of the businesses in Uniper’s portfolio have two main missions: ensure supply security and propel the energy transition. We generate power across Europe and trade energy worldwide. We also sell bulk electricity, gas, and heat to industrial enterprises and utilities. Increasingly, we help them decarbonize as well. Our underground gas storage facilities ensure a reliable supply of gas, even during demand spikes. In addition, we’re playing a pioneering role in establishing Europe’s hydrogen economy and plan to develop a sizable renewables business. 

Uniper plans for its 22.5 GW of installed power-generating capacity in Europe to be carbon-neutral by 2035. The company already ranks among Europe’s largest operators of hydroelectric plants and intends to further expand solar and wind energy.


Uniper has been involved in the district heating grids in the Netherlands and we foresee that the total heat demand in the Dutch housing market is expected to increase significantly. As our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2035, we need to decarbonize our heat generation and increase production with sustainable heat sources.

We have been the only heat supplier for the district heating grids in Leiden and The Hague for a long time. The Hague plant is the oldest operational plant in The Netherlands and has been upgraded many times. We are now efficiently feeding waste heat that is the by-product of the natural gas-fired CHP into the district heating system. We don’t own the district heating grids nor deliver heat directly to end users. We sell the heat to the grid owners. We need to develop green heat sources to continue supplying district heating in order to decarbonize our heat supply.

To enable sustainable heat generation we are developing aqua thermal energy. Aquathermal energy focuses on extracting thermal energy from surface water. The thermal energy extracted is fed into the heat grid. The workshop will be focussed on how and what considerations Uniper can make to realize heat generation from aqua thermal energy into reality technically ,economically, and environmentally, within the existing civil area and adhering to various known and upcoming regulations in the shortest time possible. We need your analytical skills to come up with a workable solution to enable us to take a decision for the future of our activities in the Hague till 2030 and beyond.