Volker Energy Solutions

Volker Energy Solutions is the expert in the design, construction and management of complex medium and high voltage installations. We conceive, build and manage energy infrastructure. From consultancy and engineering to design, construction, maintenance and optimization. We work together with our customers such as grid operators, business customers and energy generators to solve the challenges posed by the energy transition. This keeps us moving and our ever growing market. Volker Energy Solutions is part of Visser & Smit Hanab and in turn part of the large VolkerWessels group. As a result the opportunities Volker Energy solutions can offer are immense. We work with the best colleagues in a pleasant, safe and informal working environment based on craftsmanship, responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit, customer focus and leadership.


Join us in a session to contribute to and innovate the high voltage sector by creating a more sustainable and future proof High Voltage Substation. A high voltage substation is an node in the Energy infrastructure and is essential for the transportation of sustainable power that is much needed in the energy transition.

We at Volker Enery Solutions try to reshape the sector by innovating in all the right places. Through some good teamwork we now use less virgin materials and have found innovative ways to use our recyclables to a more sustainable goal: To be Emission free by 2030.

We believe that a multi-disciplinary approach, with the benefit of sharing knowledge, is part of the solution to face today’s transitional challenges in a rather traditional industry in dire need of innovation. That’s why we will take you on a journey through a High Voltage substation and show you a number of focus points that require creative solutions. We challenge you to think about a solution to solve any of these focus points such as; Copper reduction, control system optimization, environmental incorporation, transport and logistics and Civil improvements. We will do this by first giving you a presentation on high-voltage substations to provide you with a basic understanding of the currently utilized systems. After the presentation we will discuss the current challenges that we face with you and do brainstorm session to exchange thoughts on potential solutions to these problems. Will you join in?!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the All Energy Day 2022.