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In 2032 the Port of Rotterdam celebrates its 100th birthday and the fact that they are working together with companies for 15 years on energy transition. What has been achieved in 100 years? And what will be celebrated? The Port of Rotterdam wants to develop the port to the place where the energy transition takes shape. There are many companies in the port area that use fossil fuels to make fuels and numerous chemical products. These companies emit a lot of CO₂ but also have a great deal of knowledge of energy, energy-intensive production processes and CO₂ reduction. This makes the port of Rotterdam ideally suited to be an international leader in the development and large-scale application of techniques to reduce CO₂ emissions from industry to virtually zero.

During this workshop you work with a group on the creation of an energy-neutral port. What will the port look like in 2032? Pitch your idea for Port of Rotterdam.
Ampelmann Operations makes it possible to safely reach offshore structures from ships. For example, they are active in the offshore wind, oil and gas sectors. During this workshop you have the choice between two cases: 1) a business case in which you have to transport a wind turbine park at sea to destination. You give advice on the best way to do this based on discussions with the Project Manager, CFO and cooperation with fellow group members. 2) Design a concept based on the Ampelmann technologies that enables maintenance of (floating) wind turbines at sea.
The Energy Agenda of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has high ambitions for the future. In thirty years, we will no longer heat our homes with gas, but with the residual heat from factories and geothermics. We also no longer cook on gas, but on electricity. We are currently building many new homes without gas stoves and central heating boiler. However, new homes are only a small part of the total housing stock. Getting the existing residential areas off the gas is therefore the biggest challenge. During the workshop of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy students work together with professionals on a real case of a Dutch municipality. The case requires technical ingenuity and insight into the possible attitude of the homeowners and residents of the neighborhood. What are the technical possibilities? How do we get homeowners to exchange the gas stove for an induction plate? And how do we ensure that the residents support that change? After two hours, all participants come up with a concrete plan. A jury consisting of professionals from the energy sector and a local choose the winners.
Our decision is clear. In 2050 logistics emissions will be completely zero. To get there, we have important goals for the next 7 years. In 2025 for example, we will work with at least 70 percent clean delivery solutions, such as electric vehicles and bicycles. But with hundreds of sorting locations, thousands of service points and millions of movements in the Netherlands alone, completely clean logistics is quite a challenge. During this workshop we will talk about the decisions we take today, and you will contribute to the green logistics of tomorrow.
KPN sees itself as a green connector. Aside from our main goal of becoming y want to the best service provider in the Netherlands, we are also want to be at the forefront of sustainability. We have been using green energy for some time and have been 100% climate neutral since 2015. By investing today in ICT technology, we create a prosperous and clean world for tomorrow. During this workshop we will let you think completely out-of-the-box about battery applications for KPN through an absurdity game. During the workshop we will work out 5 absurde ideas into concrete plans that will make KPN even more sustainable in the future!
The International Energy Agency was born out of the oil crises of the 1970s, but is evolving today to become a hub for not only energy security, but for clean and sustainable energy. The IEA works globally to manage the growth of energy consumption and promote the clean energy transition through the promotion of pro-energy efficiency policies and financing. Energy efficiency is the most cost effective, reliable and proven way of tackling climate change and reducing the impacts of growing energy consumption on our health and environment, and has so much more scope to deliver on energy and emissions savings if fully implemented. Come to this workshop to learn more about potential for, and challenges facing the scaling up of energy efficiency in the emerging economies of the world.
Northpool is a commodity trading company with a strong focus on energy products. Northpool’s core business is trading European power and gas combined with expertise and knowledge of a broader range of energy products such as oil, coal and emissions as all energy related products. These products are in various ways globally connected to each other. Northpool’s professionals have extensive experience in trading and operating in their markets, but also have a broader view of the global energy markets. With the future going forward to an even more sustainable energy environment, anticipating the future energy trends for the coming years is imperative. Technologies that improve the energy efficiency will emerge and the share of renewable energy will continuously increase.

With wind, sun and rain as ideal sustainable energy sources, the weather has become increasingly important in the energy markets. As predicting the weather is difficult, this makes trading the energy markets more challenging as well. Nevertheless Northpool’s employees have excellent understanding of these uncertainties and have extensive experience in participating in these market
In the Netherlands we want to get rid of gas. In thirty years, we will no longer heat our homes with gas, but with the residual heat from factories and geothermics. We also no longer cook on gas, but on electricity. How will this transition work out exactly? And what is the role of a grid operator in this? During this workshop the main question is: How do we get rid of the gas and how can Stedin facilitate this? Smart decisions must be made about costs, technical matters, and some specialists will no longer be required in the future. During this workshop you think about possible financial solutions from an interdisciplinary way with Stedin and learn more about the energy transition in the Netherlands.
HyTEPS is a specialist in identifying, improving and maintaining the quality, continuity and stability of the mains voltage. We provide advice, products and services with the goal of preventing electrical disruptions and improving the efficient use of electrical energy. Due to the energy transition electronics such as solar panels, charging stations, LED lighting are implemented on an increasing scale. Every load has its unique footprint in regards to the distortion of the quality of voltage and current. This growing use of innovative electronics is increasingly causing problems, disruptions, unnecessary costs and energy losses. Insight into consumption and the quality of electrical energy is therefore important. It is the first step towards optimization. During the workshop the effect on the power quality of the grid by windmills, solar panels and more energy efficient applications will be discussed. And we ask you to think with us about a future where all of our energy comes from electricity.
For an independent trading company such as Priogen, understanding how certain events influence supply and demand of electricity is vital in forecasting the price accurately. During this case, the students will first take the role of a Priogen research team and determine which way the power price in Germany will likely move. Once the research team has determined the expected price move as a result of certain events, it is up to the trading desks to implement this knowledge. The students will take the role of a Priogen trading desk and trade intraday power (power with delivery less than a day away). The task is to interpret market information quickly and react in the best way given the nature of the event, the market, and the company position. Intraday power is a highly volatile product, so you should see plenty of price movement! The students will be responsible for making the correct trading decisions, managing their position and risk, and ensuring that their position is back to zero before the market closes.
We are in a Transition period to phase out fossil fuel usage by the end of the century. But what do the fossil fuel reduction scenarios look like? What investments are required in energy, efficiency, renewables and to what extend still in fossil fuels? What is the role of banks and other financial institutions in this transition period? How can they facilitate the required investments and what financial product innovations are needed? In an interactive workshop we will analyze the financing of a solar rooftop. Students are invited to come up with alternative ideas about financing the Energy Transition and innovative solutions to power our world.
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Royal Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company. We operate a global network of terminals located at strategic locations along major trade routes. With a 400-year history and a strong focus on safety and sustainability, we guarantee efficient, safe and clean storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers. By doing this, the delivery of products that are vital to the economy and daily lives are enabled. Ranging from oil, chemicals, gases and LNG to biofuels and vegoils. Vopak is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Including the joint ventures and associates, we employ an international workforce of over 5,500 people.
Sustainable, reliable, affordable and safe energy infrastructures are the spearheads in the Sustainability customer segment. Joulz has years of experience in energy infrastructures and understands the specific requirements of renewable energy project owners. This applies equally to onshore and offshore wind projects, solar projects and energy storage projects. Joulz offers the best integrated custom solutions for the development, engineering and realization of energy infrastructures, including connecting systems to the electricity grid. In the operational phase, Joulz ensures optimal availability of (renewable) power plants with 24/7/365 services while taking full care of the management and maintenance of your energy infrastructures.
At the moment we need the equivalent of 1.6* planets to provide the natural resources and services humanity consumes in a year. A growing number of people are concerned about the state of the Earth and adopting a more conscious lifestyle in response. We are convinced that people can take responsibility for their own energy and sustainability. And this also extends to the current energy transition and the pace at which it is unfurling. Our ambition is to bring our own energy consumption and that of our customers within the planet’s limits, to ensure that our planet remains liveable in the years ahead. Not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. During this workshop you will learn more about Eneco, our goals and what you can do for us as a trainee. Step into the dynamic world of the energy transition and experience how you, as NXT Generation trainee, make an impact at Eneco Group.