By signing up for the All Energy Day you have a great chance of winning prizes!

Every 10th participant will leave the day with a movie voucher from the nationale bioscoop and book by Jeremy Rifkin richer!

In The Zero Marginal Cost Society, he describes how the emerging Internet of Things drives us into an era of nearly free goods and services, hastening the meteoric rise of a global Collaborative Commons and the eclipse of capitalism.

  • EARLY BIRD TICKETS     – €0,-
    The first 100 tickets sold will be free, so be quick and sign up on April 18th, 13:00!
  • DUO-TICKETS                 – 2 for €10,-
    The all energy day is even more fun when you do it together. That’s why we’re also selling 100 duo tickets this year!
  • REGULAR TICKETS        – €7,50
    After the first 100 tickets are sold, the regular tickets go in sale. Hurry this Monday to get yours free!